Posted on February 20, 2024
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Congratulations to the Carver HS engineering students who earned 1st Place team & $500 made up of seniors Joseph Kwee, Avik Kundu, Jordan Whaley with freshman Mouhamadou Thioune.  Schools from the Philadelphia region met at the IDEAS Hub at Temple University College of Engineering building on Monday 2/19/24.

The high school teams programmed robots to act autonomously in a head to head bracket competition.  Robots face each other in a circular ring called a dohyo with students coding with Java, Python or block logic.  Each robot attempts to push the opposing robot out of the dohyo ring.  Successful robots that win two rounds are permitted to proceed to the next tier of the competition. All teams have the same robot and sensors, but it is up to the team to write the best and most strategic code in order to win.