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Principal’s Welcome


On behalf of the students and staff at G.W. Carver High School of Engineering and Science, I would like to welcome you to our website and thank you for your interest in our school community. I encourage you to become a frequent visitor to our site to learn more about our stellar programs, outstanding student achievements, community initiatives and extracurricular activities.

I hope this message finds you well as you navigate through the school year. As the principal of G.W. Carver High School of Engineering and Science (Carver HSES), it is my sincere pleasure and honor to be part of such a respected and prestigious school community. Carver HSES enjoys a rich history of academic excellence and continues to design inclusive communities that allow students to thrive at the middle and high school levels. Our recent history includes a 2019 designation as a National Blue Ribbon School. The success of Carver HSES is a direct result of families, students, teachers, staff, and partners operating with student’s best interests in mind and aiming their efforts to a common goal of producing post-secondary excellence and life-long change agents. I seek to carry on this rich tradition of academic excellence and community here at Carver HSES!

The Carver HSES experience is ultimately defined by the efforts of an extraordinary team of dedicated teachers and staff. Our staff members go above and beyond to provide world-class instruction and inspiration every day in and out of the classroom. I am humbled and proud to work with such a capable and committed team. Together we prepare our students for the road ahead and help them develop the skills necessary to succeed and contribute to a rapidly changing world. As a staff community, we are committed to creating a culture of inclusion, equity, and rigor. We strive to design and maintain a collegiate academic experience while promoting an environment that supports students’ emotional, intellectual, social and physical needs. We also understand that this can only be accomplished through active and meaningful connections between home and school. Partnering with families will be crucial as we face many obstacles due to the global pandemic and growing violence in the city of Philadelphia.  We appreciate your support as you work with students at home to practice safety protocols when necessary. Again, we encourage families to stay connected and informed by following our website for important updates and information regarding our plans.

For a quick overview, please check out Carver at a Glance!  For a more in-depth view of our school goals and instructional approach, please take some time to review our School Plan, Goals, and Vision for Equitable Instruction. For a taste of our student experience, please view our Carver HSES Orientation video created by our students! Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns at I invite students and families to schedule a school tour or shadow day on our website to learn more about our community! Let’s make this year historic. Let’s be Excellent. Let’s be Inclusive. Let’s be Carver HSES!

In Service,

Darryl Johnson Jr., Ed.D