Posted on May 11, 2021
Categories: General News, Student Spotlight

– Favorite subject in school? Dennis really enjoyed AP Computer Science A because it involved a lot of coding and he liked having Mr. Otto as a teacher.

– Something you like about Carver? Dennis loves the diversity at Carver and all the different kinds of people in the community. He thinks it’s a great opportunity to learn about other peoples’ cultures and likes that Carver makes that a priority; Dennis particularly enjoyed Global Roots Day, held just a few weeks ago.

– Are you involved in clubs/sports/other extracurriculars at Carver? Dennis participates in soccer, drumline, jazz band, NHS, and Student Government.

– What are your plans for summer 2021? What are you excited for? Dennis is trying to finalize his plans for the summer. He is deciding between a possible internship or dual enrollment at Temple. Along with that, Dennis expects to take a Coursera Rising Senior Scholar through Penn. He is excited for the experience, to learn about how to apply to college, and to get college credit!

– Why do you think it’s important to study STEM? “STEM is a pathway to the future… We live in a world that runs on technology and computers and robots and AI are increasing in importance. Learning STEM now offers a big step towards these careers”.  Dennis is hoping to work in AI someday.

– Things you enjoy doing in your free time? Dennis is pretty busy and doesn’t have much free time. He enjoys working on his Java program game simulator and also looking into colleges and the extra programs those colleges offer.

– One additional fun fact (e.g. favorite movie, favorite, tv show, favorite ice cream flavor, etc.) Dennis has a dog named Jade, a poodle mix (pictured). She’s new to the family, he’s only had her a year and a half!