Posted on September 26, 2020
Categories: General News, Student Spotlight

Favorite subject? My favorite subject at school is Biology.

What do you like about Carver? My favorite thing about Carver is the school community. I’m very comfortable in my school and I am never hesitant to reach out to my teachers. While no school is perfect, I feel as though Carver does a great job in making people feel welcomed and loved.

What extracurriculars do you do, both in and out of Carver? In Carver, I play volleyball and I ran track and field. I am a part of Carver’s Black Student Union as a chairperson for its Political Action Committee. I am the Treasurer for Carver’s National Honor Society. I am a part of the Women of Tomorrow program at Carver as well. Out of Carver, I am one of the Student Representatives for the School District of Philadelphia. I participate in the Junior Fellows Program at the Philadelphia College of Physicians. I also practice volleyball with Starlings volleyball.

What did you do this past summer? Any valuable experiences that you learned from? Because of the COVID-19 situation, I wasn’t able to go out much. However, I had my medical program online for two weeks. Over the summer I learned that life is truly precious and that I should do my best to make everyday count.