Posted on December 6, 2019
Categories: General News

Mickalene Thomas. Jean Michel Basquiat. Kehinde-Wiley. 7th graders met 30 Americans and looked closely at their work today at the Barnes. Students approached these works analytically and with a great deal of passion for the content of each piece. Students also had time in the Barnes gallery exploring works by Pippin, Tintoretto, Renoir, and Monet to explore how artists break traditions.  Finally, students were able to make collages together in a workshop after the gallery tour. Students came back to Carver with a clear sense of artists’ voices.

7th Grade ELA, Spanish; co-sponsor Carver Choir, Drumline and The Carver Times
“Hope is something shared between teachers and students. The hope that we can learn together, teach together, be curiously impatient together, produce something together, and resist together obstacles that prevent the flowering of our joy.” (Paulo Freire)