Posted on October 19, 2019
Categories: Clubs, General News

Teachers Kit Bradley and Christina Puntel accompanied current and former journalism students as they presented two sessions for the 2019 Celebration of Writing and Literacy at the Graduate School of Education of the University of Pennsylvania. Carver alum Nia Caldwell and juniors Keyziah McCoy, Oluwadamilare (Dare) Olaniyi, Steven Ramsey, Ethan Rodriguez, Shaniya Robinson-Owens and Jordyn Williams presented in consort with Dr Nicole Mirra about how living in Philadelphia impacts their quest for truth as young writers. They presented again at a session titled the Power of Student Voice together with Dina Portnoy, retired Philadelphia teacher, and Christina Cantrill, of the National Writing Project.

Dr Diane Waff, Practice Professor of Education at GSE and the Director of the Philadelphia Writing Project wrote, “thank you so much for an outstanding journalism session.  The young people shared their ideas and fielded questions from the audience in such a thoughtful, authentic way.  I also loved the morning presentation you and your students led in collaboration with Dr Nicole Mirra!  It really made visible the way you and your students grapple with tough issues.”