E&S Wins Calc Competition for the First Time

Posted on March 17, 2018
Categories: Clubs, General News

Carver hosted Bodine, Friends Select, Northeast, and Palumbo March 16th for the 7th annual Citywide Calculus Competition.

For the first time ever, a Carver E&S team took 1st place!!! (We have taken 2nd place for 6 years…usually losing in a nail biter in the final moments.)

If you see Malik Dawan, Fahmida Lubna, Hongyin Liu, Abdu Mohamdy, or Josiah Findley, please congratulate them on their stellar performance.

The latter four were on the team that lost in a heartbreaker last year (along with C2017 alum Mingwang Jiang, who came back today to spectate/cheer on his former teammates) and were eager to avenge that loss with a decisive win.  They have been studying intensely for weeks and it showed.

FSS took 2nd in their second year attending and Northeast, always a powerhouse in the calculus arena, took 3rd this year.  There were several teams (another FSS team and two E&S teams, actually) fighting closely for that 3rd place spot to the very end but they couldn’t overcome Northeast.

Also exciting, in a field of 34 teams (10 from E&S), five E&S groups made the top 8!!

All of the calc students and teachers seemed to have a blast…it was a busy, hectic, nerdy, mathy day…which is exactly  the type of day is is designed to be.

Congratulations to the students and Ms. Hogan.