Carver Times Supplement: From Philly to Parkland, Carver says #Enough

Posted on March 17, 2018
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From Philly to Parkland, Carver says #Enough

walkout holding signs

Our school community gathered to stand up for victims of gun violence across the nation on Wednesday, March 14th. Organizers Agung Putra and Abigail Brown highlighted both victims of the school shooting in Parkland and teenagers killed from guns in Philadelphia over the past year. Gun violence anywhere affects young people everywhere. Our students were invited to walk through the gym and gather around the flagpole.  Carver Times writer Nada Hilal reflects, “when I entered the gym, I first noticed the signs and photos. I was later informed that these were people killed because of gun violence in Philadelphia. I find these signs to be important because it reminds us at this event that gun violence can affect anyone.”

walkout kids spelling enough

Shynice Youmans, from the Carver Times, put the students actions in the gym into context. Our students laid on the floor, spelling out the word ENOUGH. “This action was incredibly meaningful. The kids on the ground also represent the die-ins that the students at Parkland also did.” Andra Day’s song “Rise,” was a powerful backdrop to these actions by our students. Once outside, students circled around the flagpole. What a great way to celebrate Pi day, in a circle! The American flag reminded us all of our freedom of speech and right to gather to stand up for justice.


Once outside, student leaders read the names of those who died in Parkland, as well as friends and family members who died as victims of gun violence this past year. Gabrielle Brown notes the power of students leading students. “It was empowering to see my fellow peers stand so firmly against a great injustice in our society. Gun violence is such a big problem in our society. And is important that everyone stands up against these injustices.”


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