Work Ready


Applications for summer jobs are now open!
The summer jobs program that is managed by Philadelphia Youth Network’s Partnerships for Employment Pathways (PEP) department is actively recruiting youth who are interested in participating in a summer internship in 2019.

PYN’s PEP-managed summer internships program is a competitive internship program in which youth interns participate for 120 hours over the course of 6 weeks in the summer. Youth are expected to work 18 hours during each week at their assigned worksite, and to spend 2 hours out of each week participating in paid professional development training sessions. This program will operate with a start date of Monday, July 8th, and an end date of Friday, August 16th. Orientation sessions will be held in mid/end of June, and orientation dates and times will be assigned to youth that are successfully placed in internship positions.

In order to be considered for this program, youth must do the following:

Complete an online application at
Apply using referral code EP126
Submit a resume with the online application
We recommend completing this step ASAP, as it is a step that is required to be completed before youth can be invited to an enrollment session and completing this step sooner gives youth a longer timeframe for troubleshooting any challenges that they may have in the application and enrollment stages.

Attend an Enrollment session
After youth complete an online application, youth may be selected for enrollment and invited to an enrollment session. Upon completion of the online application, youth will receive an email with instructions regarding forms that must be filled out and, if the youth is a minor, some of those forms need to be signed by a parent/guardian. Youth should complete all forms in pen, using blue or black ink only. Youth should not use whiteout on any forms.
Youth should only attend an enrollment session that they have been explicitly invited to attend. Youth should not attend an enrollment session they have not been invited to attend.
Youth must complete and submit paperwork accurately and submit all required identification documents to prove program eligibility.

Get connected to a job
After youth have completed the online application and the enrollment process, they may be reached out to regarding a job opportunity. Youth may be offered the opportunity to interview for a position, or may be offered a position. Please note that due to the overwhelming demand for summer employment, placement in a program cannot be guaranteed.
It is recommended that youth check their emails regularly after completing their online application. Youth will only be able to be contacted at the phone number and email address provided in their online application. If their contact information changes, for example, if their phone number changes, they should be sure to update their contact information provided in their online application so that staff is able to connect with them as needed.

If youth are invited to an enrollment session, below is list of necessary documents to enroll: