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Carver Commons Library Redesign

To continue to propel our college success environment, we are redesigning our existing library from an outdated, underutilized space void of a librarian to a vibrant learning commons.

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Please support the Carver Commons by sending checks payable to:

“Friends of Carver”

1600 W. Norris Street

Philadelphia, PA 19121.

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Floor Plan for the commons

This space will offer our students:

  • Center for inquiry-based learning

  • Hub for scholarly research

  • Full service Writing Center

  • Collaborative work spaces

  • Individual study areas

  • Symposium for larger presentations

  • State of the art technology

Floor Plan for the commons
View Towards Symposium - Click To Enlarge
Floor Plan for the commons
View Towards Collaboration - Click To Enlarge
Furniture Plan - Click to Enlarge